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72 Hour Home Survival Kit

72 Hour Home Survival Kit
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  • 72 HOUR SURVIVAL KIT A very large quantity of specialised survival kit, designed to give you peace of mind when a crisis occurs. Contents*: FireDragon Folding cooker,, 2” mayday signal mirror,, hypothermia space blanket,, emergency poncho,, 24 in 1 tool kit,, insect repellent 25g stick,, book of matches,, oxford note pad & pencil,, cleansing wet wipes,, can openers,, duck tape,, survival bag,, 50m paracord,, lifesaver 1 first aid kit,, firedragon gel fuel 250ml,, cut resistant gloves,, Solar lantern with wind up radio,, GEM Booklet SAS Survival Guide,, bucket,, single edged razor blades,, white nylon cord (1 mtr),, nightlight,, pencil,, sewing kit,, gold wires 12ft,, fishing kit,, wire saw,, distress whistle,, flint & striker,, survival instructions,, safety pins,, grip seal bag Weight: 3.56KG Bucket size: 40 x 33 x 33cm

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